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Following the earlier contributions to this blog series, which provided an overview of the six GNI-Internews fellows’ research projects, in this collection, fellows document their work over the last few months. These blogs do not represent the viewpoints of GNI or any of its members. Applications for the 2021 emerging voices fellowship with GNI are now open.

Tax justification depends on who you are taking from, how much you are taking from them, what you are going to use the money for, and how well you use the money. In all these levels, the government ought to address human rights…

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GNI members work together to leverage each other’s unique expertise and perspectives to advance and protect freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector around the world. The six GNI-Internews Fellows have each designed a research project that draws on the unique affordances of this multistakeholder model of collaboration. By pursuing this research throughout their term, fellows apply their GNI participation directly to issues of importance to them.

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This February, I was honored to be selected as a GNI-Internews Fellow. As part of the fellowship, I will examine Internet tax regimes in Kenya and the effect these…

Are we moving to a point where our lives are regulated more by the big technology companies than our laws and moral standards? The big tech are International and local companies that command a huge share of the world and local markets. Google, Facebook, Twitter and locally, Safaricom. The power they wield is so huge both at individual and at the wider society level. These applications are used daily by individuals and therefore they acquire large amounts of personal data day and night. They also command a huge market share such that their names and products have become widely used…

Huduma Namba Puzzlement

Nyangi, an 18 year old woman in Kenya, was turned back for lack of documents when she went to register for Huduma number. The unique number has been the talk in the village. Without it, she will not be eligible for government aid programs such as Community Development Fund, Joint College Admission, and among others. In future, she will have trouble acquiring Kipande, an ID card. Youth without Kipande are targets of harassment by the police. She has also heard of one police station in Donholm that is notorious for locking youths in a container, where they would be baked…

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When training women on digital security, I often ask them to choose an animal that would describe their online behavior. Interestingly, half of the class give answers like chameleon, butterflies, and fish. Some explain that their moods change as they navigate different sites, some say that they interact with different people differently, and for some the social networks serve different purposes and have different types of connections. But all these are symptoms of online insecurities and inequalities for women.

Both men and women have different personalities online. But for women it is one personality per platform, or per account. On…

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There are books I picked up with year but haven't finished. Happens a lot and I have learned to stop feeling bad about it. Sometimes like movies or series, they don't get you at the time when you relate with them. Or like an audience of a speech you can’t get what the speaker is trying to convey, or sometimes you find the idea has already been conveyed in the first pages and there’s nothing new in the next pages other than the first idea. I pick them from my shelf from time to time, but it’s not like life…

E commerce tax regimes in Africa

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It is a common trend for the taxmen to run where people caucus, to impose tax responsibilities. Everyone seems to converge online and governments are looking for new methods for taxing e commerce. Europe is now working on a digital tax law for the tech giants that should be out before the end of the year. France has already committed to push through it alone; it will start levying taxes on the Google, Amazon and Facebook starting 1st January 2019.

Digital tax trends in Africa

Most of the e commerce tax in Africa are treated as sin-tax — meant to reduce consumption of these products…

How can AI reinforce African values and culture?

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If someone snarled an insult at you in English, you would continue with your business. Until the same insult is repeated in your vernacular. For luos, there’s a difference between ‘skinny’ and randere. Think of other translations in your languages, and you’ll discover that we lose meaning every time a word is translate into a language that we were not raised in. Well, the same way we lose our society values when we miss the opportunities to take part in the global information society.

The opposite development trajectories between Africa and Asia are so remarkable. In the 1950s, an African…

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